Friday, 28 December 2012

Use no 41 Another Letter to Santa

Radiation Free Lakeland have been passed a letter addressed to Santa from HM Government. The letter has been leaked by brave whistleblower, Vixen the Reindeer. Dear Santa, We have been working VERY hard again this year to convince Cumbrians that 'Managing Radioactive Waste Safely' means mining a MEGA hole to dump nuclear waste in. Please Santa, we need this solution in order to build bigger and better nuclear plants that would produce hotter waste. Please Santa, keep campaigners saying 'bury it under London' and 'burn the plutonium' and please muffle and marginalise those who want to contain the waste on site and STOP the production of more and more waste. We have continued to make sure that all the movers and shakers in Cumbria are ON MESSAGE, SILENT or making MEANINGLESS noises about the BRAND of CUmbria. Please Santa, keep the GEOLOGICAL DUMP on track and convince Cumbrians that this is a huge OPPORTUNITY. yours sincerely, Baroness Verma on behalf of HM. Govnt PS We have also worked VERY hard this year on diversionary tactics. EG We BANNED fracking to highlight how dangerous it is and then REVOKED the ban to set activists and the media running after that hare DIVERTING attention away from the BIG FRACKING radioactive gassy NUKE DUMP. (imagine us banning nuclear!? LoL)

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