Sunday, 13 April 2014

Use No 45: Roe Deer "sentinels"

Roe Deer are: “excellent bio-indicators and sentinels of environmental contamination. Because of their extremely rapid and efficient deposition of minerals in bone, they are recognised as important sources of data in respect of heavy metal and radioactive isotope accumulation. Given the nature of the industrial work at Sellafield, the regular sampling of deer bone and liver tissue might be an attractive prospect for those responsible for environmental monitoring at the site.” Maybe this is what nuclear enthusiast George Monbiot has in mind when he talks of "re-wilding" ? more info here: Deer and Children - Sellafield's Sacrificial Canaries Beatrix Potter's Evil Masterplan?!podium-4---marianne-birkby-/c222d


  1. Note: Sellafield isn't actually a nuclear power station - it is a vile reprocessing plant i.e. uses loads of fossil fuel and fresh water to make and cool ever more dangerous waste from separating uranium and plutonium from spent fuel - bonkers.

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