Friday, 6 September 2013

Use No 44. DECC Luther's New Sellafield Planning Regime Serum

Following Super Eddie shooting down the government plan to dump hot reactor cores under Cumbria the evil forces of DECC Luther and the evil Nukeliac have teamed up with their lackeys. Together they have come up with a menace never before seen. The New Planning Regime Serum for Nuclear. The plan is for the evil undemocratic shadow to spread new nuclear developments all over and under the land without the need to ask local councils what they think. Indeed, why bother at all with pesky councillors, they are just too unreliable. They might do their job and try to see through the propaganda and fight for truth and justice and human rights. Why bother, when you can, with a sweep of a judicial arm come up with a cunning plan to render local councillors POWERLESS! This is the true evil genius and the aim is to make Cumbria powerless to resist. Indigenous rights taken away along with clean air, fresh water and unpolluted soil. RESIST! Talks with Government The Unions did NOT come up with this plan - they are the stooges being used as surely as our poor children are being used, with their elevated cancers and other radiation linked diseases.