Monday, 21 March 2011

Turning H20 to H30 -Radioactive Water

Use No 4.

TURNING H20 to H30 Radioactive Water

Sellafield reprocessing discharges around 8 million litres of radioactive liquids into the Irish Sea every day. Much of this is radioactive hydrogen also known as tritium. Official figures are often given excluding tritium - but it is far from harmless!

Tritium is radioactive water or water vapour - the water itself is radioactive - not something dissolved in the water. It is not considered an external hazard - but should you inhale, ingest or even absorb tritium through the skin it is very harmful. Health effects of tritium are cancers and genetic mutations.


The radionuclide tritium is a significant by-product of many nuclear operations, and is prominent in groundwater studies. ..

Potential sources of tritium leaked to ground from spent fuel processing include active evaporator overheads, as well as effluent treatment facilities, ponds and sludge storage tanks.

Page 41 Sellafield Sites Annual Report 2009

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