Monday, 2 May 2011


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Legal Challenge to Nukiller New Build


Rory Walker, a community worker from Lancaster has been granted legal aid for a Judicial Review against the government's "justification" decision which is a preliminary stage of approval required by the EU Euratom Directive before a final decision can be taken to build more nuclear power stations.

A hearing will be held at the High Court in Leeds on May 12th to decide whether the challenge will proceed to a full judicial review hearing.

The case centres on whether the government should first have measured "health detriment" including radiation linked diseases being inflicted on people, especially children in the vicinity of nuclear power stations.

Although Rory has won legal aid for the case, the Legal Services Commission has made a requirement that £16,250 should be made by other citizens who would benefit, should the case be successful. Rory's solicitors, Irwin Mitchell are still arguing against this large amount but its becoming apparent that a large sum will need to be met.

If the contribution cannot be found Rory will lose his legal aid and the protection that gives should the case be lost.

The fighting fund now stands at £8000 - all through contributions by people who do not want their health and their children's health damaged from new nuclear build.

All contributions are needed however large or small.
***New Video on Justification Challenge***   
Donations can be made direct to the Heysham Anti Nuclear Alliance 
(HANA) bank account, 
as follows  Account name: Heysham Anti Nuclear Alliance  
Account reference: 616 322 406  Account number: 10091267  
Sort code: 16-12-27  

Donors, who wish it, will be sent a copy of the Application for Judicial Review.   
Please get in touch if you would like further information.  

Email Rory Walker :  Telephone: 01524 381 394  

or Email Radiation Free Lakeland: Telephone: 015395 63671   

***Court Support***  On Tuesday 12th of May at the High Court in Leeds there will be a 
procedural hearing about Heysham Anti Nuclear Alliance's challenge to the Governments 
'justification' of new nuclear power stations in the UK. 
A judge will hear the arguments put forward by our QC and by the Government's QC 
and make a decision if the case should go to a full Judicial Review.

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