Friday, 17 June 2011


Use no. 16


Carlisle Cathedral is built to inspire awe.  Last time I went there was Chernobyl Day to ask Bishop Newcome (aka Nuke'm)  for a rethink on his outspoken support for new build and a deep nuclear dump in Cumbria.  A few of us supporters of a radiation free lakeland went in to the Cathedral.  When I opened my mouth to deliver a brilliant speech to  the Bishop's right hand man,  a tiny mouse squeak came out  "please give this important letter to the Bishop etc.."  
As soon as I got out of the Cathedral my voice was back to normal!  Thats not important  but what is important is that the Bishop has now replied to our letter saying:  

I am not prepared at this stage to withdraw my 
support for new build and geological disposal.

That Angel of Light sat above Carlisle Cathedral must be laughing his fiery socks off!    How many more lives will be snuffed out before The Bishop "withdraws his support" ? 

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