Friday, 24 June 2011

Use no 17. PR STUNT - "Geology Seminar"

PR STUNT - "Geology Seminar"

The best PR stunts are dressed up in expensive suits and paid for by the taxpayer.  Monday's "geology seminar" at Whitehaven was a brilliant example of nasty spin from a government who wants new nukes and desperately needs to be seen to have 'solved' the nuclear waste problem.  

Some have called for "more debate" but even if Cumbria's geology was perfect rather than leaky there are over 100 reasons why dumping high level nuclear waste in the ground is guaranteed to poison the land and us.  Here are just a few examples:

Repository is designed to be leaky
Rusting of the steel in the dump will create huge amounts of hydrogen which will have to be released undermining the so called "multi- barrier" system meant to protect people from leakage.  (issues 14 and 15)

Digging underground will create fast pathways for leaks
Rock would inevitably be damaged by digging to create huge caverns.  The danger caused by this "excavation damage zone" is not understood. ( issue 27)

New data shows copper will corrode faster than assumed
The NDA refer to a wall thickness of 5cm for the copper canisters holding  high level wastes.  Recent research shows that to achieve durability a wall thickness of one metre would be needed! (issue 39)

Nuclear Explosions in the Repository
The probability and impact of a "criticality" or mini nuclear explosion is not understood. ( issue 79)

NOTE- Issues Register from Nuclear Waste Advisory Associates
Summary ( 10 pages)

Commentary (30 pages)

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