Sunday, 28 August 2011

More Legal Challenges

Use No 25

More Legal Challenges (see uses no 14 and 15)

Excellent news that Greenpeace have launched a legal challenge to the government.

Greenpeace UK has served legal papers on the Government for
unlawfully failing to take into account the implications of the
Fukushima nuclear disaster in their future planning for the building of
new nuclear power stations at sites in Britain.

In a 1611 page legal submission to the High Court, Greenpeace is seeking
a Judicial Review of the government's decision not to take into account
specialist advice on the implications of the Fukushima disaster on
future reactors, which it has an obligation to do.

Legal Challenges are brilliant but the bottom line is that the government can and
frequently does change the law to suit its agenda.

The best challenge is a proactive campaign in the UK. Greenpeace and FOE have been proactively campaigning against nuclear in the rest of Europe and this has been successful with a German Nein Danke! Even the French are increasingly saying Non Merci!

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