Sunday, 30 October 2011

MRWS - Halloween Special

Use No 30


The Scariest Halloween Story is the one where the nasties appear as
respectable types who say “Don’t Worry Everything is OK!” The viewer
has a hunch that there will be an inevitable doom laden slide to a scary

With nice timing for the scary Halloween season the Managing Radioactive
Wastes Safely Partnership have produced a draft consultation document
which will be used to continue promoting the “steps towards geological
disposal” of high level nuclear wastes in Cumbria’s leaky geology.

The document which will be discussed in Egremont this thursday says:
"We wanted to be ‘confident in the integrity of the BGS (British Geological
Survey) screening
Our initial opinions are:
BGS study. We are confident in the integrity of the BGS screening report
because it has been endorsed by two independent reviewers and there is no
significant criticism of the study’s integrity from elsewhere".

Really? “No significant Criticism” ?

What about the significant criticism from:

The Nirex Inspector

Members of the original Committee on Radioactive Waste Management

Dr Helen Wallace- author of the Rock Solid? Scientific review

Dr Rachel Western – former employee of Nirex- researcher for Cumbrian
Friends of the Earth groups

Professor David Smythe – former employee of Nirex

Tim Farron MP

There are many more significant criticisms!

The good news is that unlike the viewer or reader of a scary Halloween
story, Cumbria has the wherewithal to stop the slide into the unfathomable


  1. What do the politicians think they are doing? Deep level disposal has been refused regulatory permission twice in the UK, the last time in 1999. The science hasn't changed to overturn these decisions, just the government's determination to move us further down to a nuclear future, with its legacy of ten thousand years or more of waste to manage. What sort of future are we ;leaving our children?

  2. Yep it has been refused twice for intermediate level wastes - this DECC propaganda push (with the help of change in the planning law) is for high level wastes and spent fuel..... it doesn't get any scarier.

  3. This lunatic "government" - a Confederacy of Fools ... and knaves. And, just to further vouchsafe their (and BNP Parisbas.tards) nuke future ambitions they "kick start" the economy by kicking Solar PV in the teeth, the ONLY growing sector of the economy.

    Beyond parody or comprehension ....