Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Use No 9.

Radioactive Landfill - Reduce, Recycle, Reuse - Make Room for Nuclear Waste!

The nuclear industry is desperate to offload millions of tons of radioactive waste into landfill. This is despite the law being tightened up, quite rightly, for all other wastes (such as tyres which inevitably leak toxins into watercourses).

The industry refers to the people whose health would be destroyed by this radioactive leachate as
"receptors." Real people, who would become seriously ill .......

Because the law has been changed to allow radioactive waste ( called "exempt" !) in landfill - this is happening now around the country. At Lillyhall in Cumbria, radioactive rubble, soil and detritus comes in lorry loads from the decommissioned Magnox plant at
Chapelcross in Scotland and also from Sellafield.

The industry wants to clear the decks for new build and the only existing radioactive waste repository at Drigg is almost full.

Join us in saying NO to

Radioactive Landfill - No Thanks



11th May, Maple House Birmingham FREE A one day workshop to "encourage awareness about the planned ubiquitous,mundane, everyday dispersal of low level radiation". Dr Paul Dorfman
To Book:
www.ciria.org or fax the form on 020 7253 0523.
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