Friday, 22 April 2011


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Uninsured Joyriding - A Public Liability

The nuke industry is lobbying for a cap on its public liability. "Consultation" ends on 28th April. Wrote today to tell the Department of Energy and Climate Change that this is insane.

Dear DECC, Please ensure that Radiation Free Lakeland's views are taken into account regarding Implementation of changes to the Paris and Brussels Conventions on nuclear third party liability. Radiation Free Lakeland are in full agreement with the Nuclear Free Local Authorities that continuing with the 'nuclear liabilities' consultation is meaningless in the light of the Fukushima catastrophe. The nuclear industry should not have the luxury of getting away with the limited liability proposed as a matter of course by our pronuclear coalition government. Nuclear operators are allowed to cap their liability at one billion. This would only compensate for the loss of 6 months tourist trade in Cumbria. Or is equivalent to the combined insurance of traders in Cumbria's one day County Show. Each trader needs to be insured for at least £5M and there are hundreds of traders. In contrast in the event of a major nuclear "accident" the nuclear industry is like a reckless uninsured (uninsurable) joyrider, literally a public liability.The nuclear industry is a liability we cannot afford.

All money and effort should be put into looking after the existing wastes as safely as possible
and limiting the damage already done to health and the environment.

yours sincerely,
more info:
Cumbrian Economy worth over £2bn  Cumbria County Show 
Consultation can be found here:
(1)The Nuclear Free Local Authorities consultation submission
can be downloaded from: .  
(2)     Guardian, quoting from the Yomuiri Shimbun newspaper:   
(3)       Bloomberg 14th April 2011:   
(4)     Independent 16th April 2011:   
(5)     DECC consultation on the management of the UK’s plutonium stocks:

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