Tuesday, 5 April 2011


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Radioactive Springs in Cumbria?

Prof David Smythe who worked for Nirex - now the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has said:
"Just stand with your back to the sea, anywhere on the coastal plain, looking inland at the mountains of the national park. Imagine the rain falling on these mountains, percolating – however slowly and imperceptibly – through fissures and cracks in these slates and lavas, down towards the sea, over centuries and aeons. These same Lake District rocks are found below your feet, under the sedimentary layers of the coastal plain, constituting what we call geologically the ‘basement’. But
the very large hydraulic head of underground water near the coast, thanks to the height of the mountains inland, means that some of this water can percolate back upwards to the surface on its progress to the sea. It is this natural flow pattern that rules out the coastal region from ever being a candidate site; it does not conform to internationally agreed standards for such a repository. In the long term, nature cannot be defied by engineering".

So, West Cumbria has already been proven, with £400M of the best scientific evidence, to be completely unsuitable for a deep nuclear dump.

But this is the 'wrong' answer for a government which wants to press ahead with dangerous new nuclear build and needs somewhere to dump the waste.

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